358 Mesh Electrical Substation Anti-Climbing Security Fence for Outdoor Electric Utilites

358 mesh is popularly used in construction of electrical sub-station security guarding. The substation security fencing is made with low carbon steel wire welded panel, steel posts, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories. Compared with Chain Link Fence for High voltage substations, 358 Mesh offers higher level of security with anti-climb and anti-cut features.

All outdoor substations shall be surrounded by guarding fence and gates topped with barbed wire or razor tapes.
Height of Fence Panels:
Excluding barbed wire, shall be minimum 1.8m. Commonly above 3m.
Barbed Wire: The mesh panels shall be topped with not less than three strands of barbed wire.
Based on the "V" shape post supported barbed wire, this system offers economically priced perimeter security protection.

Due to the special design of the fence, this system is very hard to break, and more secure than other wire mesh fence.

  • Material: Low carbon iron wire, galvanized wire.
    Clamps: steel or plastic.
  • Flat mesh panel:
    Height(m): 2.03, 2.23, 2.43
    Width(m): 2.5 or 3.0
    Hole opening(mm): 76.2x12.7mm for heavy 358 type, or 50*100, 50*150 welded common mesh type.
    Wire diameter(mm):4-5

  • Post type with V arm
    square post(mm):60*60*2, 60*60*3.
    Rectangular post(mm): 60*80*3.

  • Types of Electrical Substation Fences: We supply 358 mesh, welded mesh and chain link fence for electric transformer and substation facilities.

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358 Mesh Type Electrical Sub-Station Fencing No Climb Barriers