Electric Wire Security Fence for Field Farming of Horses, Deer, Cattles and other Animals

Electric wire fencing is an economic field fence simple in structure and installation. Lines of wires with posts and electric alarm system forma a quick security perimeter fencing for farming of animals. Common wire fences can be made electric fence with electric power system. It forms physical and electrical perimeter fence with electric safe shock to stop the intruders effectively. The steel wire fence can be used with a free choice of high / low voltage switch, low voltage in day time, high voltage at night.

Electric Galvanised Wire Fence Uses:
It is widely used as field fence for animals including horses, goat, deer, cattles, also used for perimeter security ofhouse, community, villas, transformer substation, waterworks, tobacco warehouse, school, factory, government, prison, weapons depot, farm and other sites.

Electric Wire Horse Fencing

  • Fence System Components:

  • Alarm:wire cut or short,tamper alarms;
  • Hight voltage output 10KV;
    Fencing wire;
    LCD security electric fence energizer for perimeter security: LED indicated lamp, display the working mode clearly;
    Fence range :500m for 6 line;
  • Equipped with 4AH backup battery or solar battery(optional).


1. Difference voltage output technology: every line has voltage, there is voltage difference between adjacent lines. 

2. With 5 LED working mode indicated lamp, respectively displaying power supply, armed/ disarmed, tamper, short circuit, break. 

3. High/ low voltage switch manually, automatic switch function by long distance equip. 

4. Short circuit, break and tamper alarm, self-detect equip fault. 

5. Set the alarm delay time freely. 

6. Plastic casing with water proof design suitable industry development. 

7. Long distance control, keypad, computer, network, multiple management solution. 

8. DC 12V and constant open/close alarm output used for acousto-optic alarm and other security equip linkage. 


  • High voltage pulse :5000-10000V 
  • Low voltage pulse:700-1000V
  • Pulse period :≥1S 
  • Duration of pulse surpassing 300mA<1.5ms
  • Pulse duration ≤0.1s 
  • Peak current of pulse ≤10A
  • Max quantity of electricity of pulse ≤2.5mc 
  • Max energy of pulse ≤5J
  • System power consumption :15W

Electric Fence Energizer Technical Index

Power supply

AC180V-240V(other country's power supply is optional)

System Power Consumption


Operation Environment

Temperature: -40-+50°Cmoisture: ≤95%

Output Parameter

output peak voltage: 5KV-10KV

Output low voltage: 700-1000V

Peak current of Pulse:  <10A

Pulse duration: ≤0.1s

Pulse interval time: 1s

Max quantity of electricity of pulse: 2.5mC

Max energy of pulse: ≤5.0J