358 Heavy Weld Mesh Panels, PVC Coated, Galvanized or Black Panels non-Galvanised, for Temporary Fence and Security Cages Manufacuring Uses

China 358 supplies weld 358 mesh for temporary fencing panels and security cage panels fabrication. The panels have a width of 8'-2 1/2"(2500mm) and are avaliable in heights ranging from 4ft to 8ft(1200 to 2400mm). The mesh size is 1/2"*3"(12.5*76.2mm). The forged welded high quality wire assures strength and rigidity. Posts, gates & mesh are to be colour coated green or black, galvanized panel BS 1461, and black panels non galvanized. European customers usually choose galvanized after welding or PVC after welded mesh panels.

High security 358 structure heavy welded wire mesh brings maximum perimeter protection to a site.

Mesh 358 with the following specifications:

3.412 Height
2.460 Width
76.2 * 12.7 mm opening size.

Low carbon steel wire, hot dip galvanized, or plastic coated.
Fence Height:
1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.2m.


Use the hot-dipped galvanized (or electro galvanized) wire as material, after welding, PVC or plastic spraying.
Use the low carbon steel wire welded the panel, then electro or hot-dipped galvanized treatment, finally PVC treatment.

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